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Q: What does Grayco Partners do?
Our business objective is to execute exceptional long-term investment opportunities in multifamily real estate. We invest in, develop and manage well-designed, sustainable multifamily communities in major U.S. metropolitan markets. Our business cornerstones are a superior and lasting product, a premium location and a sound financial structure.

Q: Who’s in charge?
John J. “Jeff” Gray, III is founder and President of Grayco Partners. Jeff has over 20 years of experience dedicated to multifamily real estate development and has managed over $1.5 billion of residential real estate transactions in Houston and throughout the Sunbelt. Prior to founding Grayco Partners, Jeff was Executive Vice President/ Development Partner of The Finger Companies, a Houston-based multifamily property developer.

Q: Describe the Grayco team’s unique organizational structure.

At the heart of Grayco Partners is a team of experienced and skilled professionals. Each senior team member brings nearly 20 years of experience dedicated to commercial real estate. At Grayco, each team member also has a direct hand in all aspects of the business enterprise, from sourcing opportunities, to acquisitions, to design, construction and delivery of the finished product.

Q: What are the target markets for Grayco communities?
Grayco Partners’ management team builds and manages multifamily communities in well-populated urban centers that have developed large, diverse and resilient economies over the last 50 years. These are vibrant markets like Houston, Austin, Dallas, Southern California, Charlotte, Atlanta, Denver and South Florida. These markets are in demand and Grayco knows them well.

Q: What distinguishes Grayco multifamily communities?
They build exceptionally well-designed multifamily living environments and merge high standards of planning, design and construction. And Grayco Partners builds communities in the right locations: major metropolitan markets with promising demographics. This is the Grayco strategy.

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